About Avant Garde Make-up Academy & Studio

Avant-Garde French pronunciation:  means “advance guard” or “vanguard”. The adjective form is used in English, to refer to people or works that are experimental or innovative, particularly with respect to art and culture.

Avant-Garde represents a pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the cultural realm. The notion of the existence of the avant-garde is considered by some to be a hallmark of modernism, as distinct from postmodernism. Many artists have aligned themselves with the avant-garde movement and still continue to do so.

The term was originally used to describe the foremost part of an army advancing into battle (also called the vanguard or literally the advance guard) and now applied to any group, particularly of artists, that considers itself innovative and ahead of the majority.

We at Avant Garde Make-up Academy & Studio strive to create the perfect learning environment for all of our students who wish to develop their skills and advance their career as a Make-up Artist. We consider ourselves ahead of the majority when it comes to innovative learning and our diverse techniques in Make-up Artistry where we encourage our students to push their boundaries therefore advancing to their highest level & potential.

We also offer top class service to all our clients who wish to enjoy Avant Garde’s elite and once in a lifetime experience.

Avant Garde Make-up Academy & Studio boasts a primary location in Drogheda’s M1 Retail Park just off the busy M1 Motorway giving easy access to the surrounding areas without having to enter Drogheda’s busy town centre. There is also a daily shuttle bus service from Drogheda Town Centre to the M1 Retail Park should anyone wish to use this service,  alternatively park for free in one of the M1 Retail Parks 600 spaces.

Why Choose Us

We always recommend that you research every option that’s available to you to find a school that fits your needs. Visit every school, look at their facilities, meet tutors and ask questions! At Avant Garde Makeup Academy and Studio we are always open to potential students visiting the academy, in fact we almost insist on it. We want to ensure that you have a clear idea of how we work, what we teach and what is expected of you as a student.If possible we always recommend that you speak to industry professionals and past graduates for advice. You can always post a question on our Facebook page which are past and current students are sure to help answer. We will give you written information regarding what is offered within your course fees and while we provide plenty of products to work with throughout each course we also offer the option of course kits at the start of your course. Our course notes are constantly updates to ensure that the information you receive throughout your course is relevant to the industry as it stands today. And remember, we are less than 40minutes from Dublin and just over an hour from Belfast! So get out of the city traffic and enjoy your studies away from the hustle and bustle… FREE parking on-site!​​​​

Who is Teaching You

The tutors at Avant Garde Makeup Academy and Studio all teach within their specialist area, whether that be SFX, editorial, airbrush makeup or otherwise.​We firmly believe that you should have tutors that not only have skill, but also relevant experience within their field.​ Beware of schools with lecturers that claim to teach every kind of make-up there is. The professional make-up industry does not want make-up artists who know a little about everything but not much about anything. Clients hire artists who are specialists in a particular field.​ At Avant Garde Makeup Academy and Studio all of the images on our website, Facebook page, advertisements and brochure are the work of our tutors and/or students. Often schools and colleges will buy in images to enhance their website/Facebook page/brochure etc. We firmly believe that our students are being trained to such a high standard that we are proud to promote their work and show potential students just what you can achieve with the right training

Work Experience

Any schools that promises you extensive work experience throughout your course and/or a high paying job straight away once you graduate, you should run a mile from!​At Avant Garde Makeup Academy and Studio we always offer realistic advice and information to our students and graduates. Some schools will offer students work experience, but it can often amount to little more than a group day trip, where work is observed, not attempted. As the school sends every class to the same venue, it’s of little value to the students; And, as it’s a group work experience, every student who graduates will have the same experience on their CV… class after class, year after year… rendering it significantly less impressive! While it is every individuals own responsibility to gain employment with any course completed, not matter what the industry, at Avant Garde Makeup Academy and Studio we do from time to time have offers of work experience for students and/or graduates that have excelled throughout their course.

Portfolio Work

At Avant Garde Makeup Academy and Studio we pride ourselves on our students portfolio images being true representations of the students makeup skill and ability. Throughout our various courses we hold portfolio days in order for our students to leave their course with a substantial amount of images of their makeup work. We continually encourage our students throughout each course to photograph their work. All of the images on our website and Facebook page are created by students and/or tutors.

Our Studio

At Avant Garde Makeup Academy and Studio we have a fully equipped makeup studio. We have 8 fully working makeup stations, with strip lighting and high makeup chairs in order for students to work as effectively as possible throughout their course.

The Products we Use

At Avant Garde Makeup Academy and Studio we use high end products like Mac Cosmetics, Kryolan,  Inglot, Kett Cosmetics and more. We believe that our students should work with and have available to them the best quality products possible.