Another busy week at Avant Grade Make Up Academy & Studio!

o what a week for Avant Garde Make Up Academy’s Agency!! just want to say super well done to our artists out there working hard, flying the flag I can’t say how incredibly proud we feel thank you 1 million times, they’ve worked with RSVP Magazine, shooting on a film set today & tomorrow if you don’t mind! AND four separate photoshoots all in one week I’m just thrilled for you all Well Done

Avant Garde Make Up Academy & Studio Artists back stage at Fashion Show Event in Dublins Classiest Venue “Cafe En Seine” Dawson St. with Andrea Roche Models & Assets Models…. Ashley Bohan Amie Harding Caitlin KellyShauna Brady Robyn Everitt Clar Ni Dhios Niamh O Connell Trisha O Connor Avant Garde Make Up Academy Team


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SUPER PROUD of the talent of ou rArtists at last nights successful Fashion Show Event in Dublins Classiest Venus “Cafe En Seine” Dawson St. with Andrea Roche Models & Assets Models…  Ashley BohanAmie HardingCaitlin KellyShauna Brady, Robyn EverittClar Ni DhiosNiamh O ConnellTrisha O Connor  Avant Garde Make Up Academy Team


Blown Out Liner for students today in class, module 1&2 level already this is what they’re at!


Amazing Work here by Michaela Marrett one of our Graduates at Avant Garde Make Up Academy & Studio, Always So Inspirational…

SUPER NEWS FOR LEANNE CURREN & ROBYN HARRIS, Two of our recent Module 3 Pro Advanced Make Up Artistry Graduates got to work on a short film coming out this year called, “Target”.
Leanne wrote this telling me about it, “It’s for the Irish council of civil liberties competition for a short film based on human rights,
The Jist of the story is, a girl goes on a date with a guy she meets online, he drugs her & she wakes up tied up & gagged in a cellar. This guy and another woman are running a organ harvesting business & they are kidnapping young foreign girls with no family or ties over here so nobody will come looking for them!!!!!!”
HOW GRIPPING IS THAT…Watch This Space, AND off the back of that success they have now been commissioned to work on 16, yes 16 short films …. Well Done Girls we can not tell you how proud we are here at Avant Garde Make Up Academy & Studio of your success & your very exciting upcoming careers ahead…